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Wildlife Assorted Twin Packs

Same great quality. Wildly different design.

Same great quality. Wildly different design.

Wildlife 2B Pencil Twin Packs features vivid and realistic wildlife prints. 5 unique twin packs featuring different animals. Each twin pack consists of two pencils that feature a bright exterior, capped end and glossy, non-toxic finish offer a quality look and smooth feel. Our premium 2B graphite provides a soft and rich writing experience. Includes the following animals:  
These packs are the perfect choice for individuals who are passionate about wildlife and the environment.
Parrot, Tiger, Sea Turtle, Giraffe, Zebra.

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2.5 in. x 4 in.
Recycled Newspaper
Tightly Rolled
Premium 2B Graphite
Preserves Forests
Superior Graphite Protection
Writes Beautifully