James P. Colucci, Senior Consultant, Power Generation Sector

James is a skilled evaluator, procurement enabler, and technical document writer with a track record of translating complex information into clear, succinct materials that ensure understanding, increase effectiveness and enhance learning.

James has HSE experience in mining industry over the past five years with program development for crucial mining operations.

James Core Competencies are

Technical Documents

  • Safety Procedures Simulator Design / Operation Training Facilitation Nuclear Reactor Operation Mining Safety Programs
  • Design Interpretations Training Manual Development Regulations / Safety Requirements

James Key experiences are:

  • · Training program development at multiple sites · Procedure development at multiple sites
  • · Regulatory communications and relationships at multiple sites
  • · Authorization Training Supervisor with unrivalled success


Al Abbas

Muhannad AlAbbas, Director of Quality, Safety & Accreditation

Muhannad AlAbbas is an accomplished and results-driven healthcare professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in education, clinical practice, and quality management within the healthcare industry. As the Director of Quality, Safety & Accreditation, he is committed to delivering excellence and fostering a culture of exceptional care. Our commitment to excellence and the leadership of Muhannad AlAbbas ensure that our organization remains at the forefront of quality healthcare delivery. Whether you are a prospective client or partner, we welcome the opportunity to work together to achieve common goals and elevate the standards of care.


Raed Maharmeh, PhD, MBA, MA, CLBB

Serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Green Health Canada Inc. As an accomplished Financial and Investment Analyst, Raed brings a wealth of expertise in various domains, including consolidated business valuations, financial statements analysis, credit risk management, treasury FX transactions, statistical analysis, financial modeling, budgeting, and forecasting.

Raed's extensive experience in corporate finance and his strong mathematical and econometrics skills enable him to excel in building financial valuation models for merger and acquisition deals, ensuring comp

Beyond his CFO role, Raed is also recognized as a Canadian Federal Income Tax expert, having obtained his license from H&R Block. He actively volunteers with the Canada Revenue Agency, further demonstrating his dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest tax regulations and providing valuable guidance to Green Health Canada Inc.

Moreover, Raed's passion for sharing knowledge and fostering learning is evident in his role as a Trainer and Lecturer for Finance and Accounting topics. He has conducted training sessions in different banks and universities and holds certification as a trainer for CFA Level 1 from the Morgan International Institute.

With his multifaceted background and expertise, Raed Maharmeh brings invaluable financial leadership to the team at Green Health Canada Inc., ensuring sound financial strategies and driving the company's success.