Mohammad AL Dhaher is the founder and President of Green Health Canada Inc.

Mohammad is well known as one of the few key ambassadors in the world, invested in the betterment in environmental health within health care settings. He is a leader with a proven track record of delivering valuable green alternatives to complex businesses, while managing a wide range of stakeholder interests, and handling challenging external communications situations. He has helped many governments around the world in building and strengthening their public health systems, and has acted as Manager of Environmental Health at the WHO’s Collaborating Center for Infection Control, which provides extensive technical services to 22 world governments.

Mohammad has spoken at many international conferences and has provided consulting services to countries, and industries for more than 18 years.

Mohammad holds a BSc. in Earth and Environmental Sciences and has been a Canadian Environmental Professional since 2011 with two designations. He is a Certified Lead Auditor in (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 22000), and is a member of the Ontario Public Health Association.


James P. Colucci, Senior Consultant, Power Generation Sector

James is a skilled evaluator, procurement enabler, and technical document writer with a track record of translating complex information into clear, succinct materials that ensure understanding, increase effectiveness and enhance learning.

James has HSE experience in mining industry over the past five years with program development for crucial mining operations.

James Core Competencies are

Technical Documents

  • Safety Procedures Simulator Design / Operation Training Facilitation Nuclear Reactor Operation Mining Safety Programs
  • Design Interpretations Training Manual Development Regulations / Safety Requirements

James Key experiences are:

  • · Training program development at multiple sites · Procedure development at multiple sites
  • · Regulatory communications and relationships at multiple sites
  • · Authorization Training Supervisor with unrivalled success